Daniel Ruth News

Daniel Ruth News

Daniel Ruth was schooled about this
Daniel Ruth news – He was schooled about this

Daniel Ruth news – is he Lyndon LaRouche? see linked photographic evidence. Partial blame for the Tampa Tribune’s recent decline goes to Daniel Ruth. The mess follows mere weeks after “Daniel Ruth LaRouche” was exposed in a public debate challenge. That coincides with the time when the newspaper said to the kook: “Uh, Daniel Ruth? Start packing your bags!”http://rexcurry.net/daniel-ruth-elaine-silvestrini.jpg
Earlier Layoffs at the Tribune followed shortly after a previous defeat of Ruth by Dr. Rex Curry (See any internet search for “Tampa Tribune lays off”).

After Ruth’s previous loss the response against the crack-pot from the general public was so great that Ruth said he was labeled a “Dork, anti-free market statist, $#%!&, Dummkopf, liberal, daffy, dolt, stupid, dunce and, oh by the way, socialist.”

On another occasion, Ruth admitted publicly that locals have labeled him “bigot, prejudiced, hateful and ignorant” among many other similar insults.

Ruth publicly apologized to Dr. Curry for Ruth’s errors.  http://rexcurry.net/ruth.html

The ackowledgement of error by Ruth was too late, as the Tribune continued its tailspin down the toilet. Ruth has caused spectators to wager on when the Tribune will be out of business. http://rexcurry.net/daniel-ruth-tampa-tribune.html

Daniel Ruth news - is he Lyndon LaRouche?
Daniel Ruth news – is he Lyndon LaRouche?

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