Daniel Ruth News

Daniel Ruth News

Daniel Ruth exposed

Daniel Ruth exposed

Daniel Ruth news – He was schooled about this
Ruth is evasive about the Bellamys and their bigotry, xenophobia, militarism, robotic chanting for children, and authoritarian socialism (and their influence upon German National Socialism, its dogma, symbols and rituals). Bellamy dogma led to segregation imposed by law, and racism taught as official policy. The Bellamys believed that immigrants would dilute cultural unity in the United States. And what about the zealotry, indoctrination, propaganda and fanaticism? The Ruth/Silvestrini silence becomes deafening about the related hate-mongering, persecution, sadism, jingoism, violence, and even lynchings inspired by the Bellamys and their socialist religion. Silvestrini and Ruth are a tour-de-force of indifference.

They have nothing to say about the socialist Wholecaust (of which the Holocaust was a part): ~60 million slaughtered under the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics; 50 million slaughtered under the Peoples’ Republic of China; ~20 million slaughtered under the National socialist German Workers Party. It was the same dogma touted by the Bellamys.

It becomes scarier in that Ruth refers to himself as “The Book of Ruth.”

Is Daniel “LaRouche La Ruth” the person known as Lyndon LaRouche? See the photographic evidence at

and at http://www.flickr.com/photos/7894913@N08/3990225469/

Has anyone ever seen those two together?
Has the mystery of Ruth’s hybrid toupee / combover question been solved? (Ruth once told a critic that Ruth would let the critic find out if Ruth has a hybrid toupee/combover if the critic paid Ruth $5000 -Ruth knew that if the price was high then the critic would pass on Ruth’s toupee/combover question).
See the startling photographic evidence at http://rexcurry.net/daniel-ruth-lyndon-larouche2.jpg
and at http://www.flickr.com/photos/7894913@N08/3990225329/
Ruth writes flippantly about torture. LaRouche La Ruth’s insane clown posse act is like something out of “Apocalypse Now” meets “A Clockwork Orange.”

Good grief, Lyndon LaRouche was not as delusional as Ruth is.

Perhaps the fascistic fanaticist (Ruth) is merely a LaRouche Democrat (LaRouche always ran in the Democratic Party). Is Ruth a DINO (democrat in name only)?

Daniel Ruth is Lyndon LaRouche or his dumber brother?

Daniel Ruth is Lyndon LaRouche or aspires to be?

Daniel Ruth news – is he Lyndon LaRouche?

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4 Responses to “Daniel Ruth News”

  1. Daniel Ruth news - is he Lyndon LaRouche? Says:

    Daniel Ruth news – is he Lyndon LaRouche?

  2. Daniel Ruth sux Says:

    Daniel Ruth is Lyndon LaRouche, or his dumber brother. It is no surprise people label him “Dork, anti-free market statist, $#%!&, Dummkopf, liberal, daffy, dolt, stupid, dunce and, oh by the way, socialist” and also “bigot, prejudiced, hateful and ignorant” among many other similar insults. He is destroying newspapers.

  3. Daniel Ruth is Lyndon LaRouche? Edward Bellamy's Nazism & Hitlerism Exposed Says:

    More on Daniel Ruth

  4. Daniel Ruth News – He is exposed & defeated (again!) Says:

    Daniel Ruth info –

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